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I'm Katie Murray, M.S., BCBA, M.A.

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Katie Murray, M.S., BCBA, M.A.  (she/her/hers) ~ Advanced Doctoral Extern

 My role as your therapist is to bear witness to your story, including past and present experiences that have shaped who you are today. It is truly an honor to be a safe space for others to open up the deepest parts of themselves, if and when they feel ready to do so. My approach to therapy includes authenticity, compassion, and empathy. As a humanistic therapist, I believe that the therapeutic relationship is what fosters the most healing. 


I am currently a fourth-year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Psy.D. program at The Chicago School downtown. Prior to pursuing the doctoral route, I earned my Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2020. During my time as a behavior analyst, I encountered the many forms of stigma against the autism community. I quickly became passionate about becoming a psychologist, where I could be in a position of lessening the stigma of not only autism and neurodiversity, but mental health as a whole. 


Most of the settings I have worked in involved complex trauma, and how it manifests differently for each person. I have supported individuals living with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, and trauma disorders. During my time in these settings I became aware of the oppressive systems that many people face on a day to day basis. One of my biggest callings in life is to not only help individuals, but to advocate for more inclusive systems as well.


I aim to create a non-judgmental space where people can be their most true, authentic selves. Throughout my own mental health journey, I know how hard it can be to show our vulnerabilities and face the parts of ourselves that are difficult and painful. 


My approach to therapy includes a combination of therapeutic orientations, including emotion focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and trauma-informed practices. I believe that the client is the expert of their own life, and strive to work alongside you during your path towards healing, however that unique path looks like for you.

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