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Women's Body Image Resilience Group Workshop

Your body is an instrument, not an ornament. However, we live in a society that believes the way your body LOOKS is important. Messages from media and advertising have taught us that our value is tied up in how we look, and that we need to put energy into making sure we fit the beauty standards. The target is always moving. Trying to keep up becomes exhausting.  It's no wonder so many of us feel like we don't measure up.

In my five-week Body Image Resilience Workshop, you will learn research-backed strategies to:

  • Let go of insecurities

  • Become a smarter consumer of media

  • Recognize diet culture and beauty culture, and learn how to reject their harmful messages

  • Enjoy life without fixating on your body or appearance

This group incorporates material from Beauty Redefined, along with positive psychology and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy strategies, to help you develop lifelong resilience and feel comfortable in your skin, even as you grow and change through life. 

WHEN: Wednesdays, July 10- August 7, 2019 (five sessions total), 5:30-7pm


WHERE: HumanKind Psych, 1 E. Superior Street in Chicago's River North neighborhood


COST: $300 total (includes one full year of access to online materials plus five in-person workshop sessions; payment plan options available)

E-mail for more information. 

Please note: This group is for women over age 18 who struggle with body image. It is not appropriate for those who are actively using eating disorder behaviors. Please contact me if you have questions about your goodness of fit to the group.

Check back soon for more groups, both in-person and online!

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