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Coaching Services

One-on-One Intuitive Eating Coaching Services

We offer coaching virtually (by confidential video chat) for Illinois residents and individuals residing in some other US states. We only provide coaching under certification as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, NOT as a clinical psychologist. Coaching is ideal for the following:

  • Learning to eat and/or exercise intuitively

  • Changing beliefs and mindset to relate to food, exercise, and your body in a peaceful way
  • Improving your relationship with food, exercise, and body image

  • Becoming more flexible in how you react to changes in your weight or body size

  • Developing better self-care practices

  • Learning assertive communication skills and boundary-setting


Coaching is NOT the same as therapy. It is very focused and goal-oriented, and we do not go as in-depth into your medical or mental health as we would in therapy. Together, we decide how many times and how frequently to meet to help you achieve your goals. You will not receive a diagnosis, and we do not accept insurance for coaching services.

The fee for individual coaching is $185 for the initial session and $160 for follow-up sessions.

Please note: Coaching is not an appropriate treatment for eating disorders, depression, clinical anxiety, or trauma. These conditions warrant therapy, which we also provide at HumanKind Psych. If at any point we become concerned that coaching is not the right level of care for you, we will provide referrals for clinical treatment.

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