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"Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better." 

-Maya Angelou


Supervision & Consultation for Professionals

HumanKind psychologists have several years of experience supervising doctoral and master's level trainees. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality mentorship and training for therapists at all stages of their professional development. We train a small group of psychology and counseling graduate students in our practice each year, and Dr. Paula also provides one-on-one supervision for new therapists or anyone needing additional support throughout their careers.

Some unique aspects of the supervision we provide include emphasis on assessing and addressing eating-related concerns, body image resilience training, processing of body-based transference and counter-transference, and entrepreneurial skills training. We also provide supervision specific for therapists interested in starting their own private practices and honing their authentic clinical identities.


Many new therapists or mental health professionals do not feel prepared to navigate the business side of what we do. Often, graduate school programs train us to effectively work in agency settings, but they don't teach us the necessary skills to start a private practice. It brings us great joy to help both seasoned clinicians and new clinicians-in-training to find their footing, sharpen their entrepreneurial skills, and grow their confidence. 

Our psychological supervisors provide mentorship as you continue to develop your professional identity, solidify your clinical approach and theoretical orientation, and carve out a path for your career.

E-mail to inquire about clinical supervision.

Online Courses & Trainings

Are you a psychologist, therapist, or clinician-in-training? Do you feel under-prepared to address eating and body concerns with your clients? 

Unfortunately, your concerns are common. So many of us went through graduate school programs that placed little to no emphasis on exploring clients' relationships to food, exercise, and body image. Even worse, when our training does include eating disorder education, it is often rooted in weight bias and over-emphasizes weight loss as the main indicator of an ED.

The reality is that our clients frequently present with symptoms of eating disorders and disordered eating. These concerns affect people across the spectrum of weight and size. In order to properly recognize and address them, we need to understand their complexity and unpack our own biases and beliefs about weight and size. 

One of the beautiful parts of being a therapist is our willingness to acknowledge what we don't know, and learn as we move through our careers. I'm committed to helping other helping professionals avoid the mistakes I've made. I offer online courses, consultation, and supervision to provide you with the tools you need to help clients of all shapes and sizes thrive in their bodies.

HumanKind’s online course platform is your one-stop shop for affordable, comprehensive, and empowering education for treating eating disorders and body image.
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