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HumanKind’s online course platform is your one-stop shop for affordable, comprehensive, and empowering education for treating eating disorders and body image.
Visit the course pages below to learn more and sign up!

The flagship course! Learn to confidently identify eating disorders and disordered eating, treat body image, and apply an anti-diet framework in your practice. Read the full course description and sign up here!

Time to bust the Diet Culture myths! Learn the science of body size, and become confident challenging fatphobia in healthcare. Read the full course description and sign up here!

HumanKind’s online courses are:

  • Self-paced and accessible from anywhere with a stable Internet connection

  • Engaging and thorough

  • Based on the current evidence and comprehensive reviews of the literature

  • Appropriate for anyone in mental health or mental health-adjacent disciplines, and for clinicians-in-training

  • Evolving on an ongoing basis, as new research and information become available (and as part of your course enrollment, you’ll receive lifetime FREE access to future course updates!)

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