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I'm Elizabeth (Ellie) Milligan, M.A.


Elizabeth (Ellie) Milligan, M.A. (she/her/hers) ~ Doctoral Therapy Extern

My passion for Psychology and therapy stems from my personal experience of overcoming mental health struggles. I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve positive change and satisfaction in all realms of life. I live by the idea that suffering can make us stronger. Like the lotus flower, without mud, there would be no flourishing, beautiful bloom.


I am currently a third-year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Psy.D. program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where I recently earned my Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology. In the past, I have trained at a non-profit organization and a therapeutic day school. Within these settings, I worked with diverse populations across the lifespan from different cultural, religious, and gender backgrounds. I have experience with various forms of trauma, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, autism, ADHD, and HIV/AIDS.

I strive to cultivate a warm, open, nonjudgmental therapeutic space for you to feel comfortable expressing yourself freely. I am invested in building trust to allow you to dig into the important work of therapy. My approach and style is integrative, meaning I weave together a variety of psychological theories. Since every human is wonderfully unique, there is not one specific form of therapy that works well for everyone.


I am comfortable utilizing a combination of therapeutic interventions that are geared toward each client, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-informed therapy, relational therapy, and psychodynamic therapy, among others. My goal is to work alongside you on your path toward thriving, however that looks for you.

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