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Click below to hear my episode, "The Benefits of Therapy," on the Redefining Wellness Podcast with Jenn Lyons

The Benefits of Therapy with Dr. Paula Freedman - Redefining Wellness
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Hear my episode, "Stop Attaching Your Self-Worth to Your Performance," on the Own It Babe Podcast with Rini Frey

Click below to hear my episode, "Mindfulness + Acceptance with Dr. Paula Freedman," on the Mindful Musings Podcast

Mindfulness and Acceptance Dr. Paula Freedman - Mindful Musings
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Want to book me as a guest on your podcast? I am equipped to share knowledge and insights about:

  • General psychology and mental health

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Anxiety and perfectionism

  • Body image resilience and disordered eating

  • Similarities between eating disorders and addiction