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Sydney Kurtz - Masters Intern

I’m Sydney Kurtz, a therapist-in-training passionate about helping you live with purpose.

Get To Know Sydney

The transformation and growth I experienced during my own personal therapy journey inspired me to become a therapist and share that with others. Life is not always a linear progression and often throws us off track. The ebbs and flows can leave us uncertain of our choices and our emotions associated with them. I do not think anyone should have to go through this alone. I am passionate about working with clients during these times and helping them to find the inspiration needed to reach their aspirational selves. 

My approach to therapy is relational and holistic. I believe in a mind and body approach that helps clients become mentally and physically healthier. In order to achieve this, all aspects of our lives must be in balance: the mental, the spiritual, the physical and the emotional. When one or more of these areas is depleted, this is where mental health issues can arise. In our work together, I help clients to find the right balance.

I am currently completing my Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health (M.Ed.) at DePaul University. I am dedicated to helping clients live with purpose and intention; this means cultivating a life with limitless potential. It is not always obvious what this looks like and it takes thoughtful work on the day-to-day to create a life of meaning. I help my clients define what this journey looks like.


I believe everyone possesses a unique set of strengths that makes us all distinct individuals. Through therapy, we will uncover these. We will find what is holding you back from your happiness and explore ways to help you achieve your goals. Most importantly, I want to help you live a life of fulfillment, meaning, and authenticity.

Send Sydney a message to learn more about working with her.

Sydney will be in touch soon!

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